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Innovative new ground improvement method uses controlled dynamic compaction

Dynamic soil compaction methods have historically involved the use of tall cranes and free-falling weights, imposing inherent limitations on the types of sites that can be treated. The Rapid Impact Compactor (RIC) is a significant enhancement to the dynamic compaction industry. Its carrier is a track-mounted excavator, allowing improved mobility and site accessibility.

The Rapid Impact Compactor was originally developed in the early 1990's by B.S.P. in conjunction with the British Military as a means of quickly repairing damaged aircraft runways. Dynamic energy is imparted by dropping a 7.5 ton weight from a controlled height, onto a patented foot. Energy is transferred to the ground safely and efficiently, since the RIC's foot remains in contact with the ground. compaction parameters are automatically controlled and monitored from the RIC's cab with an on-board data acquisition system.

Rapid Impact Compactors Ltd. uses this technology for soil compaction at a wide variety of sites and applications, many of which are detailed in the "projects" portion of this site.

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